Fiona, who is in her 60’s, calls herself a ‘mountain woman’, as she was born close to the three great mountains in the middle of the North Island of New Zealand. She comes from a very large family who are now scattered throughout New Zealand and Australia. After finishing her schooling near Wellington, she moved around the North Island doing different jobs, preferring what she calls ‘hands on work.’ Fiona describes herself as an independent woman who “did a lot of hands on, the physical side of work. I am an outdoor worker as well as an indoor worker. All my life I’ve worked, I’ve done lots of jobs to look after myself, as I never wanted to be dependent on my family.” However, this changed when she became unwell in her fifties. She had been living in a small town near Whakatane at the time but because of her health had to move to Whakatane, to be closer to the hospital. As her health has improved Fiona has been able to go back to work, and it was through someone at work that she learnt about the VEBV. Because of her illness she had become quite shy and withdrawn though gradually this has changed due to the companionship she finds at the VEBV. As she explains, “I was very stand offish, very shy, very quiet, you couldn’t get a word out of me, but I’m not shy and don’t feel uncomfortable now, it just feels so good today with the EBV, I love it.”





Gentle and Loving 


Enjoying Life and Socializing


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- Barbara


“I see my mind is at peace, when I’m at peace and if I have my right brain there, those are my colours, those are the colours that keep coming up. I’m actually a visionary and ah and it’s the colour of my mind. It’s my mind that sees. I see things there, like without anyone knowing it. It’s just all harmony the peacefulness, and the calming and with the purples there that’s my relaxing, and with the blue there that’s calming, the green that’s also calming and all circles.”


“That’s my body, the colours there represent – now why I like those colours there’s the colours I always see are the greens, which I’ll always see. Purple that’s my crystal stones, the pink the magenta pink that’s full of love, and the red, it’s not about being angry, it’s not about being emotional, it’s just calming and gentle.”


“The whites and all the colours there, and the petals there. Sometimes my mind can get a bit scattered. Then it’s time for me to stay cool, then I have to go into a quiet place and relax the brain for a bit. Then once the colours come back, I can see a lot of whites there. Those are my ancestors, protecting me, when I see the whites. Oh, my spirits are cool, actually with the whites there I feel protected, yes. I’ve actually got my ancestors around me.”

My Power

“This is my power symbol; these are the choices and the colours. Like blue represents peacefulness, my yellows and greens are about being humble, my beautiful pink, reds and the whites are my protections, they’re my healing. I very rarely get emotional, I don’t allow myself to go down, I just stay straight, stand tall and that’s me.”

Pleasure &

Fiona loves colour and being in nature, and a special gift she has allows her to see colours, which give her pleasure and strength, as she said, “I’m a visionary, I can look anywhere and I can see all these beautiful colours keep coming up. Anywhere, it’s not just my colours here it’s also other colours I can pick up. I can go for walks and then all of a sudden, I see other colours!”